Mary M. McGlone, CSJ, is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet and a historical theologian currently writing the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States.

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Nativity of St. John the Baptist: In-between times

Scripture for Life: While we know the Christ he could only hope for, we too live an in-between time. Many aspects of the modern world to which we have been accustomed are changing or ending. The most we know about the future is that we cannot imagine it.


Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: Fruitful plan

Scripture for Life: Trusting God's plan and timetable may ask more of us than all the things we might think we should or could do to make God's kingdom come.


Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time: An equal opportunity sin

Scripture for Life: As Pope Francis said in July 2016, we are called to give up "all motives of personal pride, of careerism or hunger for power … becoming humble instruments of salvation worked by Jesus' own sacrifice." Only then will we be able to hear the Lord call us brother, sister, mother, friend.


Corpus Christi: Be what you receive

Scripture for Life: In the Communion procession, Christ calls us beyond our hymns to where we can truly grasp what he offers. Christ says to us, "Receive what you are and become what you receive; be flesh and blood given for the life of the world."