Mary M. McGlone, CSJ, is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet and a historical theologian currently writing the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States.

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Second Sunday of Lent: Here I am, Lord

Scripture for Life: This week's readings give us a Lenten invitation to contemplate the image of God they present. Instead of calling us to say, "Here I am," God tells us, "Behold me in the Son."


First Sunday of Lent: Teach me your ways of love, compassion

Spiritual Reflections: The offer Jesus made to people was really very simple — and life changing: "Repent and believe." What that really meant was "Take on a new perspective! Believe what I am saying about God and about humanity!"


You can make me clean

Spiritual Reflections: Coming before God with a willingness to be nothing other than ourselves and to expose our need will take us into the realm of thick time. 


Do not be served, instead be at service

Spiritual Reflections: Mark used the word serve sparsely in his Gospel. The next time Mark uses this word he is quoting Jesus himself. Jesus used the word when he described his own vocation.