Mary M. McGlone is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet and a historical theologian currently writing the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States.

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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Questions to set us on fire

Scripture for Life: John points us toward the one he called the Lamb of God who can take away the sin of the world. Following the Lamb of God will give us the grace to evaluate the stuff of our lives.


The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord: Baptism into Emmanuel

Scripture for Life: Jesus' baptism tells us that God's chosen way of being with us is not as an awesome ruler of the universe, but as one who chooses solidarity with us in all our weakness.


The Epiphany of the Lord: Gospel to all the nations

Scripture for Life: The account of pagan seers seeking the newborn Jesus fits right into Matthew's plan to open his parochial-minded audience up to the fact that the Gospel is universal.


Fourth Sunday of Advent: Joseph's dilemma

Scripture for Life: Matthew's story tells us how God gambled on Joseph. Luke's Nativity reveals how God gambled on Mary. In reality, God gambles on all of us. In return, our faith is a gamble that God's love will lead us in times of confusion and doubt.