St. Joseph Sr. Mary M. McGlone serves on the congregational leadership team of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

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Sixth Sunday of Easter: God expects our synodality

Scripture for Life: When the disciples gathered to debate and pray in Acts 15, their commitment only grew deeper as they recognized the Spirit forming them into a community more attached to Christ than to their opinions.


Fifth Sunday of Easter: Abandoning the 'old order'

Scripture for Life: When we listen deeply to people who suffer, we become one family; their struggles become our own and we will be impelled to join them in confronting the evil that foments such suffering. 


Fourth Sunday of Easter: In a time of tribulation

Scripture for Life: Today, in this moment of history, these readings take on a radical character and describe the demanding depth of our Christian vocation. We remember that following our shepherd will lead us where he goes: into the heart of conflict and suffering.


Third Sunday of Easter: Once and forever

Scripture for Life: John really wants us to look to the call of the first disciples and, in light of that, to understand that the Gospel ends with our call to discipleship.