Mary M. McGlone is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet and a historical theologian currently writing the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the United States.

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Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Our responsibility

Scripture for Life: No matter how individualist our culture, it is still a culture, a way of organizing our common life. We both inherit and construct our society.


Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Carry on good works

Scripture for Life: Today's Gospel might be the most un-American of all Jesus' parables. This story of equal pay for vastly unequal work just doesn't sit right. How to evaluate the economic justice of this tale?


Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Dynamic parables

Scripture for Life: Today's Liturgy of the Word invites us to enter into the dynamics of the kingdom of heaven. Gratitude is the emotion that introduces us to this realm. 


Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: Seeing like a prophet

Scripture for Life: Prophets denounce sin because they themselves are offended and they are painfully aware that silence equals complicity.