Sunday of Divine Mercy: Are you convinced?

Scripture for Life: Jesus' last beatitude was, "Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed." Blessed are we when we believe that sin and death have been conquered.


Fifth Sunday of Lent: Misery or mercy?

Scripture for Life: The woman accused of adultery was easier to save than the angry mob that sought to stone her. They disappeared after Jesus suffocated the flame of their fury with a wet blanket of honesty. But did they recognize the misery that had made them merciless?

Models of discipleship

Spiritual Reflections: When the Gospel of John contrasts walking in the day to walking at night, we know it refers to more than getting home before curfew. 


Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Paul, in today’s reading from Galatians, summarizes for us: “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” With the urgency and detachment of the 72, we go forth daily, bearing the good news of Christ. Then, as St. Paul says, we will be “a new creation.”