The musical of Luke

Scripture for Life: If the Gospel of Luke were performed as musical theater, the melodies accompanying the Emmaus journey would sound hauntingly familiar because they would reprise the entire Gospel.


Sunday of Divine Mercy: Are you convinced?

Scripture for Life: Jesus' last beatitude was, "Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed." Blessed are we when we believe that sin and death have been conquered.


Fifth Sunday of Lent: Misery or mercy?

Scripture for Life: The woman accused of adultery was easier to save than the angry mob that sought to stone her. They disappeared after Jesus suffocated the flame of their fury with a wet blanket of honesty. But did they recognize the misery that had made them merciless?

Models of discipleship

Spiritual Reflections: When the Gospel of John contrasts walking in the day to walking at night, we know it refers to more than getting home before curfew.