Menachem Wecker is a freelance reporter in Washington, D.C. He holds a master's degree in art history from George Washington University, is a former education reporter at U.S. News & World Report, and is co-author of Consider No Evil: Two Faith Traditions and the Problem of Academic Freedom in Religious Higher Education (2014). His website is

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Image religious culture journal fires founder Gregory Wolfe, cites accusations

Image, a Seattle-based journal with the tagline "art, faith, mystery," fired its founder and former CEO just months shy of its 30th birthday, and the decision is dividing the community around the publication. Founder Gregory Wolfe told NCR in an email that accusations against him are untrue.

Catholic colleges seek creative solutions in tough times

A 1937 report of the National Catholic Educational Association focuses on educational standards and quality and on competing in the higher education marketplace without sacrificing Catholic culture's distinctiveness. Some 80 years later, that language remains timely.

Georgetown University agrees to a vote by union-aspiring grad students

As the first Catholic institution to agree to possibly certify a union of graduate students outside of a National Labor Relations Board process, Georgetown University sets a precedent for higher education and for religious schools — but still maintains that students are not "workers."

Inquisition-era paintings of Old Testament figures highlight 'complexity of humankind'

In 1642, it would have been hard to find a Jew in Spain. A century and a half prior, the Dominican Friar Tomás de Torquemada had convinced Catholic monarchs Ferdinand II and Isabella I to issue the Alhambra Decree on March 31, 1492, which offered Jews a choice: baptism or exile.