Michael Sean Winters is the author of Left At the Altar: How Democrats Lost The Catholics And How Catholics Can Save The Democrats (Basic Books, 2008). His biography of the Rev. Jerry Falwell, God's Right Hand: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right was published by Harper One in January 2012 to critical acclaim. 

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Pennsylvania bishops should speak out about Mastriano's Christian nationalism

Michael Sean Winters: Pennsylvania bishops should teach their flock that Catholic theology does not traffic in the often hateful, sometimes lunatic, ideas that Doug Mastriano claims are part of his divinely inspired platform.


Links: Student debt relief; the Afghan withdrawal; a disinformation homily

Michael Sean Winters rounds up political news and commentary: Bad analogy for student debt forgiveness; damning report on the U.S. leaving Afghanistan; Kremlin disinformation from the pulpit; architectural beauty.


By closing Catholic News Service, bishops show they've lost interest in civic engagement

Michael Sean Winters: The decision by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to close down Catholic News Service was terrible in terms of lowering the standards of Catholic journalism. It was terrible, also, because of its ecclesial significance, which strikes at a deeper issue for the nation's bishops. 


Links: Abortion extremism; culture war primary; new solar farm

Michael Sean Winters: On abortion, the left is as beholden to the culture wars as the right, or more so; DeSantis 'crushing' Hawley; European leaders begin making overtures to the Kremlin; and another great awakening?