Michael Sean Winters is the author of Left At the Altar: How Democrats Lost The Catholics And How Catholics Can Save The Democrats (Basic Books, 2008). His biography of the Rev. Jerry Falwell, God's Right Hand: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right was published by Harper One in January 2012 to critical acclaim. 

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Cupich's call for a eucharistic revival offers the bishops a way out of the mess they made for themselves

Michael Sean Winters: After a year of heated debate about denying Communion to pro-choice pols, the bishops need an offramp. Cardinal Blase Cupich's five-point proposal for a eucharistic revival could save the bishops from themselves. 


Links: How Biden can recover; El Paso and COVID; rationing health care

Michael Sean Winters rounds up political news and commentary: A look at approval ratings and how presidents recover from disaster. El Paso has done far better getting vaccinated than other jurisdictions.


Should critical race theory be taught in our schools?

Distinctly Catholic: If critical race theory calls us to embrace legal ideas such as affirmative action, sign me up. However, readers and students deserve better than the ideology on display in "The 1619 Project."


Links: Bishops' Eucharist document; a pro-family president; racial divides in housing

Michael Sean Winters rounds up political news and commentary: Good news about Trump's fans; argument for bishops to stop criticizing Biden over abortion stance; Georgetown law professor looks at racial divides in housing policy.