Michael Sean Winters is the author of Left At the Altar: How Democrats Lost The Catholics And How Catholics Can Save The Democrats (Basic Books, 2008). His biography of the Rev. Jerry Falwell, God's Right Hand: How Jerry Falwell Made God a Republican and Baptized the American Right was published by Harper One in January 2012 to critical acclaim. He is a Visiting Fellow at Catholic University's Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies.

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A deeper look at the controversy over converts who criticize the pope

Distinctly Catholic: There are very few things in this life more gratifying to a columnist than to pen a sentence that ignites a controversy. Apparently, people think I am tired of all converts.


Links for 08/15/17

Michael Sean Winters rounds up political news and commentary: President Trump's lack of moral authority, sense of U.S. history, in the face of Charlottesville tragedy; What if Trump and Kim Jong Un swapped hair?


Hate, racism were on one side in Charlottesville, not many

Distinctly Catholic: Overcoming racism remains a challenging moral imperative. Let's hope there will always be Christian and Catholic leaders ready to denounce it for the evil sin it is.


Evangelicals' audience request: Pope Francis, it's a trap

Distinctly Catholic: A group of evangelicals who advise President Donald Trump sent a letter requesting to meet Pope Francis to "work together with diligence on ... areas of agreement."