Mike Sweitzer-Beckman helped launch youngadultcatholics-blog.com in 2008. He currently does development work for the first ecumenical monastic community in North America, based in his hometown of Middleton, Wis.

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DePaul the first Catholic university to offer LGBTQ minor

Young Voices: DePaul University is the first Catholic university to offer an LGBTQ studies program as a minor. That makes me a proud alumnus.

Faith and food: Monasteries enter the conversation

Young Voices: One woman spent months traveling the world, learning about the food men and women religious at monasteries make.

Trust and leadership: Where are our role models?

Young Voices: Church leaders hope the secular world can learn from the values of the religious traditions. But sometimes, we need to look past them to find the true lessons.

Glass ceilings: the Boy Scouts and the Catholic church

Young Voices: One thing the Scouts and the church can certainly agree on is having glass ceilings for certain members based on identity categories.