The clerical church in search of its soul

Global Sisters Report: Breathe in the pain. Breathe out the gifts. I brought this contemplative practice to my prayer for sexual abuse victims — and then for the male clerical hierarchy as well.

A soul-searching time as a nation

Global Sisters Report: These past weeks, a number of things have happened in the United States that signal to me we are entering a critical soul-searching time as a nation. Can this be the moment to pause as a nation and enter the "space" that seems to divide us and converse with each other in new ways? 

Becoming a civil and respectful democracy once again

NCR Today: Contemplative prayer can be a way for us to envision healing our divisions as a country and making choices for the common good.

An icon to contemplate this Lent

GSR Preview: I first saw the child in the Detroit Free Press as the news was breaking regarding the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. His face wouldn't leave me.