Editorial: Addressing abuse, church must address the betrayal of community

NCR has noted the progress the Catholic Church has made in addressing the decades-long scandal of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy, but the McCarrick case shows in vivid detail where the church continues to fail and what it must do to purge itself of this contamination.


Editorial: Supporting women is key to pro-life agenda

We say: Overturning Roe vs. Wade won't end abortion. But addressing the pre-pregnancy needs of women and improving the post-birth life realities of mothers and their children will move us in the right direction toward a truly pro-life future.


Editorial: Return compassion to migration debate

We say: We don't have to let compassion be tossed aside by our legal systems. It's been proven we are a nation of laws. Now, let's work on the compassion part.

Editorial: Sound the horn, bishops, we're waiting

We say: It's time to move extraordinary grassroots efforts to a new place in the national agenda. This requires firm moral leadership. Can the U.S. bishops meet this challenge?