Video: Reporting from Lockdown

Watch: NCR correspondents Heidi Schlumpf and Joshua J. McElwee explain how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their lives, their reporting and the Catholic Church.


Your thoughts on Jamie Manson's columns, voting with a conscience, religious liberty and more

Your thoughts: February was forever ago, right? Below are a sampling of letters written by NCR readers in the month of February 2020.


Your thoughts on eliminating the priesthood

Your thoughts: Just a month ago, in what now seems like a different time, NCR published a commentary from Gabe Moran calling to revisit Andrew Greeley's idea of a "Priest Corps." 


Your thoughts on revelations of abuse by Jean Vanier

Your thoughts: Just a month ago, the Catholic world was reeling with the news that Jean Vanier, the beloved founder of L'Arche International had sexually abused six adult women.