Pope's quotes: Do not point the finger

Pope's quotes: "It is not enough to point the finger or attack those who do not think like is. That is a wretched tactic in today's political and cultural wars, but it cannot be the method of the Church."

Your thoughts on McCarrick as NCR Newsmaker of the Year

Your thoughts: Just before Christmas, NCR published an editorial announcing former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick as our publication's choice for Newsmaker of the Year. Many NCR readers wrote letters to the editor in reaction to our pick. 

Your thoughts on illness and the Communion cup, part two

Your thoughts: After NCR published letters to the editor received from all over the globe to an opinion piece published Dec. 18 titled "Is sipping from the Communion cup a hazard to your health?," even more letters flooded our inbox. 


Pope's quotes: Guide with perseverance

Pope's quotes: "Today we ask for too much fruit from trees that have not been sufficiently cultivated. The sense of initiation has been lost, and yet the truly essential things in life may be reached solely through initiation."