Video: Facebook Live on the environment and the election

Watch: EarthBeat editor Barbara Fraser talks with staff writer Brian Roewe and conservationist and policy advisor Tom Lovejoy about what's at stake for the country and climate policy in the 2020 presidential election.


Your thoughts on the title of the upcoming enycylical, 'Fratelli tutti'

Your thoughts: A new papal encyclical, entitled "Fratelli tutti" in Italian or "Brothers and Sisters All," will be coming out soon. Prominent Catholic women are raising objections to the title because it uses the Italian masculine plural to address the world's population.


The Francis Effect podcast: Baptism, the Breonna Taylor settlement and Mass in Milwaukee

Listen: NCR's Heidi Schlumpf has joined "The Francis Effect" podcast for its new season as a co-host with Franciscan Fr. Dan Horan and David Dault. The podcast is available on NCR's site and various podcast apps.


Your thoughts on parish instructions and invalid baptisms

Your thoughts: More NCR readers responded to the recent Vatican instructions that Catholic parishes should normally be led by priests. The Vatican also announced that changing the words of the formula for baptism renders the sacrament invalid, causing a bit of a theological debate.