The Francis Effect podcast: Election update, Michigan militias and 'Fratelli Tutti'

Listen: NCR's Heidi Schlumpf has joined "The Francis Effect" podcast for its new season as a co-host with Franciscan Fr. Dan Horan and David Dault. The podcast is available on NCR's site and various podcast apps.


Your thoughts on invalid formula for baptisms

Your thoughts: A recent column from Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese has stirred up the debate again in the news that changing the words of the formula for baptism renders the sacrament invalid.

Video: Facebook Live on coronavirus, health care and the election

Watch: Executive editor Heidi Schlumpf speaks with columnist Michael Sean Winters and Ralph McCloud, director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, about coronavirus, the Affordable Healthcare Act and the upcoming presidential election.


Your thoughts on Catholics for Trump, bishops on Twitter, Pell's historic trial and more

Your thoughts: Here's a sampling of letters to the editor from our readers in response to articles and columns that appeared on NCRonline in September 2020.