Pope Francis received sex abuse victim's letter, contradicting denial

Pope Francis received a victim's letter in 2015 regarding sexual abuse by a priest and a cover-up by Chilean clergy, contradicting the pope's insistence that no victims had come forward.

Cardinal critic reveals drama in Vatican's overture to China

The retired cardinal of Hong Kong has revealed the behind-the-scenes drama of the Vatican's efforts to improve relations with China, including its request for a legitimate bishop to retire in favor of an excommunicated one who is recognized by Beijing.

Pope letter details concern over Chile bishop

The Vatican was so concerned about the fallout from Chile's most notorious pedophile priest that it planned to ask three Chilean bishops accused of knowing about his decades-long crimes to resign and take a year's sabbatical.

Latin Mass fans celebrate 10-year anniversary, without pope

Fans of the old Latin Mass have descended on Rome for their annual pilgrimage, facing indifference to their cause, if not outright resistance, from none other than Pope Francis.