Odalis Garcia Gorra is a writer based in Miami, exploring the intersections of Latinx spiritualties and pop culture. You can follow her on Twitter: @odcgg.

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Rebooted 'Rebelde' taps nostalgia of Latinx millennials for Gen Z

The Netflix "Rebelde" reboot is a clean-cut, less melodramatic version of the original Mexican telenovela, which launched the musical phenomenon RBD.


Women pass down cooking traditions, teaching love, history and faith with dashes of salt

Perspective: When my family cooks, it is an extension of the matriarchal power that, despite countless generational obstacles and tragedies across various countries, continues to be passed down, from my grandmother to my mother to me.

Amy Poehler's 'Moxie' film misses the mark on Gen Z feminism

Movie review: "Moxie" does try to have a conversation about white privilege and the obliviousness of past generations of feminists, and there are charming performances here, but in 2021, we don't need such a film.

Book Review

Book on Brooklyn's 'giglio' feast highlights Catholic male devotion

Book review: In Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada's Lifeblood of the Parish, we enter a community not just through a public-facing feast but also via planning meetings, church basements, money rooms, tattoos and male kinships.