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Baltimore Archdiocese finalizes plan that will reduce city parishes by half

Tech leaders discuss AI and well-being at Vatican conference

Peoria bishop unveils parish restructure to address decline, better engage 'new apostolic age'

New clergy arrests, information blackout spark consternation in Belarus

Catholic aid group weighs in on House, Senate committees' dueling farm bills

After 11 are massacred in Mexico's Chiapas state, bishops warn conditions lacking for elections

In '60 Minutes' interview, pope clarifies same-sex blessings, speaks out against war, says clergy abuse can 'not be tolerated'

Pope will send Cardinal Tagle as special envoy to National Eucharistic Congress in US

New EPA drinking water standards may help US ensure access to safe water

Pew study shows support for legal abortion growing 2 years after Dobbs

Jerusalem cardinal makes unannounced visit to Catholic parish in Gaza

Church members help people displaced by Brazil floods, form solidarity networks for assistance

Baltimore auxiliary, head of ministry to seafarers visit ship at site of bridge collapse

Louisiana high court to reconsider recent ruling on 'look back law' for abuse claims

Chicago Catholic priest apologizes for same-sex blessing 'words and visuals'

Louisiana first Communion Mass disrupted by gunman

Texas attorney general revives attempt to shut down Catholic nonprofit serving migrants

Hispanic ministry organization's webinar highlights ways to mentor young Latino leaders

Catholic groups call for cease-fire in Gaza, release of Israeli hostages

Prayer garden at Arizona Catholic church nurtures the soul