Patricia Sánchez holds a master’s degree in literature and religion of the Bible from a joint degree program at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary in New York. She is a regular contributor to NCR's sister publication, Celebration.

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Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

After a stint of several years in Africa, a European missionary went on a home visit and returned after a few weeks with a fine set of colorful posters that he used to illustrate his sermons. As he had hoped, the pictures proved to be a great success. Each Sunday after the liturgy, many in the congregation would linger around the posters and discuss what they had learned.

Looking at God

Spiritual Reflections: Although the desire to assign places for others in the afterlife is tempting, the sacred texts summon our attention and our energies elsewhere. 


Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey (1918-2009) who, at the peak of his 40-year career, was heard on 1,600 radio stations by 24 million people weekly, was best known for what he called, “The Rest of the Story.”

The rest of the story

At the peak of his 40-year career, radio broadcaster Paul Harvey (1918-2009) was heard on 1,600 radio stations by 24 million people weekly. He was best-known for what he called "The Rest of the Story." In that segment, he'd feature some well-known person or event and then supply his listeners with some added and perhaps previously unknown information that completed the story and made it all the more fascinating. Hence, the rest of the story.