End of an era: So long, plastic gas can

You know those little two-gallon plastic gas cans for filling a lawn mower or walking down a highway to a gas station if you run out of gas? I’ve always found those things annoying: hard to fill, leaky, smelly, and, just in general, a pain.  So, when my seven year-old gas snowblower bit the dust and the repair guy told me my options, leaving the world of those gas cans was very appealing. Of course, the bigger reason was the chance to leave ‘gas-powered’ behind in favor of a battery-powered model.

Season of Creation Daily Day 34: Come and see the works of God

Season of Creation Daily: Back where it all started. Way back in the year 1225, St. Francis wrote of brother sun, sister moon, the stars, the wind … all creatures, in his Canticle of the Creatures. Pope Francis began his 2015 letter by quoting from it. "Praise be to you, my Lord, through all your creatures." Reading time: 40 seconds.

Season of Creation Daily Day 33: The world's question to you

Season of Creation Daily: A new and serious response. Today's message gives us Mary Oliver's "big question." Reading time: 25 seconds.


Season of Creation Daily Day 32: Take the Laudato Si' pledge

Season of Creation Daily: Take the pledge. The beauty of the Laduato Si' Pledge is that it gives us a simple, three-phrase reminder of what to do. Reading time: one minute.