Season of Creation Daily Day 34: Come and see the works of God

Season of Creation Daily: Back where it all started. Way back in the year 1225, St. Francis wrote of brother sun, sister moon, the stars, the wind … all creatures, in his Canticle of the Creatures. Pope Francis began his 2015 letter by quoting from it. "Praise be to you, my Lord, through all your creatures." Reading time: 40 seconds.

Season of Creation Daily Day 33: The world's question to you

Season of Creation Daily: A new and serious response. Today's message gives us Mary Oliver's "big question." Reading time: 25 seconds.


Season of Creation Daily Day 32: Take the Laudato Si' pledge

Season of Creation Daily: Take the pledge. The beauty of the Laduato Si' Pledge is that it gives us a simple, three-phrase reminder of what to do. Reading time: one minute.

Season of Creation Daily Day 31: First glimpse of a butterfly

Season of Creation Daily: Be amazed. Today's message revisits our childhood sense of eye-opening wonder. Let's remember and revisit. Reading time: one minute.