Rachel Malinowski is a third-year Master of Divinity candidate at Yale Divinity School. She received her undergraduate degree at Fordham University.

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Reconciliation as a means to rebuild society

One of the hardest things about being a Christian is the realization that we're continually called to change and to be converted. Yes, God loves us as we are, but God also calls us to be something more. That makes this weekend's readings a bit harder to digest. On first glance, it seems as though God is more interested in us changing others than in our willingness to be changed ourselves. In Ezekiel, we hear that we have a duty to correct the "wicked" ones among us.

A church that embraces the cross must embrace politics

NCR Today: These days, we skim through the news so we do not have to internalize others' suffering. As Pope Francis says, we have forgotten how to weep.