Trump looks at prototypes for border wall that bishop calls 'grotesque'

On the day that marked the fifth anniversary of the election of a pope who has called on others to "build bridges, not walls," the president of the United States toured Southern California to look at prototypes for a wall he promised to build on the border with Mexico.

Supreme Court blocks Trump administration's effort to end DACA in March

The U.S. Supreme Court has dealt a blow to the Trump administration's effort to end a program in March that protects young adults brought to the U.S. without legal permission as minors.

Cardinal explains, apologizes for tweet that caused 'misunderstanding'

Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, has apologized for a tweet that sent Twitter tongues tweeting -- and accusing -- late Feb. 22 when he wished someone "Nighty-night, baby, I love you" on the public part of his feed.

In op-ed, border bishop pleads for TPS leniency for sake of children

A border bishop pleaded with the Trump administration to think about the well-being of some Salvadoran immigrants' children who are U.S. citizens.