Washington nonprofit warns against pandemic restrictions on immigration

The Washington-based American Immigration Council said restrictions issued by the Trump administration during the coronavirus pandemic are being used to implement immigration limitations White House officials have sought for a long time.

In the memory of horror and pain, Salvadorans overcome massacre with faith

Chalatenango, El Salvador, is said to have been the setting of more than 50 mass killings during the country's 12-year civil conflict, and almost all of the survivors lost family members in other attacks. 

Salvadoran church, survivors mark 40th anniversary of river massacre

In a remote area called Las Aradas, where the river straddles Honduras and El Salvador, more than 600 people were killed over a 12-hour period on May 14, 1980, after government forces from both countries and a paramilitary group on the Salvadoran side opened fire on an unarmed group they had surrounded.

Bishops urge closer look at COVID deaths in black communities

A group of U.S. bishops expressed sorrow over disparities in infection and death rates among African Americans in U.S. communities.