Trump administration drops refugee cap to historic low

The steep slope, appearing almost as a vertical line, is a stunning mark by the Trump administration on what was once a refugee program recognized around the world as a model to welcome the tyrannized and persecuted masses.

They may not vote as a bloc, but Latinos still can influence the election

Pundits often dismiss "the Latino vote," saying Latinos don't vote uniformly and have members with a wide range of views. But both presidential candidates are courting Latino constituencies in battleground states.

As federal fiscal year nears, refugee resettlement agencies fear the worst

U.S. organizations that work to resettle refugees fear that an upcoming battle with the Trump administration over the number of displaced people allowed into the country may be the fiercest yet.

Vandalism at El Paso Cathedral destroys nearly 90-year-old statue of Jesus

Authorities in El Paso, Texas, have apprehended a suspect who is said to have entered the border city's St. Patrick Cathedral Sept. 15 and destroyed an almost 90-year statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.