As immigration woes rise, lawmakers can't agree on solutions

Bipartisan disagreement on how to fix the country's immigration system led to failure once again as lawmakers on Capitol Hill turned down one immigration bill June 21 and postponed a vote on a second proposal, which also has a slim opportunity of passing, until June 22.

Bishops across U.S. condemn separation, detention of migrant children

The country's Catholic bishops have joined a chorus of organizations, institutions and high-profile individuals urging the Trump administration to stop separating children from their parents.

After raid, Ohio bishops say immigration system contributes to suffering

The bishop of Toledo said of a recent immigration raid that "no matter our political persuasion, when families are broken apart, as in this raid, we should all recognize that the common good is not served."

High court quashes ruling in case of detained teenager seeking abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court June 4 threw out a lower court's ruling that allowed a 17-year-old last year to obtain an abortion while she was in a detention center after an illegal border crossing.