Jesuit Fr. Rick Malloy is the University Chaplain at the University of Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  He is the author of A Faith that Frees: Catholic Matters for the 21st Century, Being on Fire: The Top Ten Essentials of Catholic Faith and Spiritual Direction: A Beginner's Guide.


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Book Review

No free will, no ideas: Physicist Brian Greene reduces everything to 'particles and fields'

Book review: In Until the End of Time, Greene argues that much of what is generally outside the domain of physics, like arguments or ideas, are nothing but particles set in motion. If that's true, how can he even make an argument?


A voice from the past: 'That talk in your office changed my life'

Soul Seeing: So often we don't know what we are doing, or what God is doing through us, or even if God is doing anything through our efforts. Then Megan taught me to trust those efforts a bit more.

Mercy can overcome even the Islamic State

Soul Seeing: Rather than trumpeting retaliation with bombs and soldiers, imagine risking relationship with those in the Islamic State group, rather than maintaining the us versus them stalemate.

It's OK, they just want ashes

Soul Seeing: Ashes are a sign of our deepest desire: transformation. They are a sign that we want to live in the freedom of Jesus Christ.