Detroit archdiocese launches $135 million campaign

DETROIT -- Strengthening the 270 parishes of the Archdiocese of Detroit is the No. 1 priority of the $135 million stewardship campaign officially launched Sept. 6.

Strong parishes make for a strong archdiocese and a strong church, Detroit Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron said as the multi-year "Changing Lives Together" campaign was rolled out before an audience of priests and lay representatives from throughout the archdiocese, plus members of the media.

The campaign already has been conducted in a pilot wave of several parishes, but now will begin successive waves that will eventually involve every parish in the six counties that comprise the archdiocese.

Seventy percent of the funds collected -- $95 million, if the campaign reaches its target -- will remain in the parishes of those who donate to the campaign, to be used for whatever purposes the parishes themselves have identified, such as fixing roofs and boilers, establishing new ministries or enhancing tuition assistance.

Detroit area religious urge auto bailout

Detroit religious leaders urge action to save auto industry

Detroit-area religious leaders convened by Detroit Cardinal Adam J. Maida emerged from a Dec. 4 meeting to call on Washington lawmakers to provide federal assistance to stabilize the American automobile industry.

"There is great concern for the countless individuals and families who are under great stress because of the uncertainty of our economy," Cardinal Maida said at a media briefing following the meeting.

"They need to hear words of hope and encouragement. This is a time to stand in solidarity with all who are suffering the loss of jobs or homes, and all those who are anxious about what will happen in the future to the automobile industry in metro Detroit," he said.

Cardinal Maida said both business and labor leaders had expressed fear of what could happen if there is no government action. "The alternative is not only unwise; it is unthinkable. If nothing is done, one can only imagine what would happen to all of us who call this corner of Michigan home," he added.