Blessed Rani Maria seen as beacon of hope for Indian Christians

Global Sisters Report: Church leaders say the Nov. 4 beatification of Sr. Rani Maria will help evangelization in India, where preaching Christ's message has become increasingly difficult.

Remembering Sister Valsa: 'Now we feel orphaned'

Global Sisters Report: Sr. Valsa John Malamel was killed five years ago. She was the sole educator in the remote village and a well-known advocate for the people against encroaching coal mining interests.

Sisters in India known for their snake and scorpion bite treatment

Preview: Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament manage a hospital in a central Indian village, where they treat bites and address superstitions.

Sisters change lives for waste pickers of central India

Preview: It is mostly women who sort and resell scrap materials from India's streets and landfills; women religious have helped improve their lives.