Indian congregation protests response to nun's rape allegation against bishop

Five Catholic nuns in the southern Indian state of Kerala are holding an indefinite sit-in demanding the arrest of a bishop accused of repeatedly raping another sister.

"We are literally forced to launch this public protest after the church leadership in India and the Vatican ignored our demand for justice," Sister Josephine, one of the protesting nuns, told Global Sisters Report on Sept. 11, the fourth day of their sit-in at a busy intersection near the Kerala High Court in Kochi, the state's commercial hub.

Blessed Rani Maria seen as beacon of hope for Indian Christians

Global Sisters Report: Church leaders say the Nov. 4 beatification of Sr. Rani Maria will help evangelization in India, where preaching Christ's message has become increasingly difficult.

Remembering Sister Valsa: 'Now we feel orphaned'

Global Sisters Report: Sr. Valsa John Malamel was killed five years ago. She was the sole educator in the remote village and a well-known advocate for the people against encroaching coal mining interests.

Sisters in India known for their snake and scorpion bite treatment

Preview: Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament manage a hospital in a central Indian village, where they treat bites and address superstitions.