Samantha Panchèvre is passionate about social justice and sustainability. As a climate change activist, she helped organize the student-led campaign that resulted in Georgetown University divesting its endowment from fossil fuels. She graduated in 2019 from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service where she studied international affairs with a focus on energy and the environment.

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Practical relativism and racial justice

Digging Into Laudato Si': Be vigilant when practical relativism comes up in your life and your mind, and choose the path of compassion instead.

Wizards and prophets

Digging Into Laudato Si': How can we support humanity and technological progress at the same time? What can you do to shape this kind of future?

The gaze of Jesus

Digging Into Laudato Si':  If Jesus is in all living things, and we fail to treat other people, other creatures and the environment with care, then what does that say about our relationship with Jesus?

Balancing private property and the common good

Digging Into Laudato Si': These passages come down to the balance we need to strike between private property and the need to share resources for the common good. Are there areas in your life where you can resist short-term self-interest for the benefit of the long-term common good?