Sidney Callahan was one of NCR's early and most popular columnists. Her newest book is Called to Happiness.

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William James' defense of faith was liberating

Take and Read: Whenever I reread his Varieties of Religious Experience, my spirits soar, my mind takes off and my faith becomes more deeply grounded.

Healing from the deaths of loved ones

This winter, three good friends and four admired colleagues died. As my generation winks out, there is plenty of time at funerals to think about grief and comforting the brokenhearted. It isn't easy.

My days with the other old yoga ladies

Something unexpected is happening to me in this spring’s Senior Center yoga classes. Something over and above the shock of finding myself at 79 in the “old-old” category. There’s no denying it: I was born in 1933, the year Hitler took power, the banks closed and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Who could have imagined that someday we’d all be living so much longer?