Carolina Panthers linebacker says faith impacts his outlook on life

Middle linebacker Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers credits his parents and his Catholic faith for making a positive impact on his NFL career and his outlook on life.

N.C Catholic greet Democratic delegates with banners

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mere steps away from the site of the Sept. 3-6 Democratic National Convention, the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte has posted two larger-than-life messages about the sanctity of life, marriage and religious liberty.

The diocese has suspended two banners on property at St. Peter Catholic Church in Charlotte: one on St. Peter's administrative building and another on a large brick wall adjoining the church.

484 acres set aside for future regional seminary, monastery in South

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A community of cloistered nuns and the Te Deum Foundation have jointly acquired land in North Carolina's Cleveland County for a new monastery and a future seminary.

Mother Dolores Marie of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration, abbess of St. Joseph Monastery, and Wilhelmina "Billie" Mobley, president of the Te Deum Foundation, announced the purchase of 484 acres in Mooresboro, about 60 miles west of Charlotte. The property is situated on the south side of the Broad River, adjacent to a county-protected greenway.

The land will be split between the Poor Clares, for a permanent monastery, and the Te Deum Foundation, for a future regional seminary.

The Poor Clares, who moved their community to the Diocese of Charlotte from Ohio in 2010, have been living in a temporary monastery on the St. Ann Church campus in Charlotte. They are now raising money to build a chapel and monastery on the 333 acres they will occupy.

The Poor Clares are part of the religious order of Eternal Word Television Network founder Mother Angelica, located in Hanceville, Ala., at the monastery at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Catholic college building maternity home

BELMONT, N.C. -- Belmont Abbey College broke ground June 20 on a campus pregnancy and aftercare maternity home called Room at the Inn.

The project's organizers say the center is the first college-based maternity center in the nation.

The 10,000-square-foot maternity home will be located on four acres donated by the Benedictine monks at Belmont Abbey. The facility is adjacent to Belmont Abbey monastery and the campus of Belmont Abbey College.

Room at the Inn, an initiative of a nonprofit maternity and aftercare center of the same name based in Charlotte, will have two residential wings, one for maternity and one for aftercare, and will be able to house up to 15 mothers, 15 infants and eight toddlers for free for up to two years. Each mother will have a private bedroom and bathroom and share the kitchen, dining room and laundry room with other residents. Administrative and counseling offices and quarters for residential managers also will be on site.

Staff and volunteers at Room at the Inn in Charlotte have long dreamed of a place where college-age pregnant women could find shelter for themselves and their children while finishing their studies.