My parents opened the door to the unmerited gift of grace

Soul Seeing: The reward-punishment dynamic was so pervasive in life that the extra jolt of my parents' acceptance for who I was simply felt good, though unnamed and unexplained.

I can't get the institutional church out of my system

Soul Seeing: The institutional part of the Catholic Church that once powerfully attracted me now haunts and hurts me. And this conflict messes with my spiritual life.

We don't take her breath for granted

Soul Seeing: Lung issues emerged after Fran's final chemo treatment eight years ago. As she says, she's been living with "a hose in her nose" ever since.

There will never be another generation like the Ex Generation

Soul Seeing: When my 8-year-old grandson called, I expected a report of his Little League baseball game. This time, he asked me why I left the priesthood.