Day 3 at USCCB Mtg

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by Michael Sean Winters

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Today, the bishops start with regional meetings. Then, later this morning, they move into Executive Session which is, of course, closed to the press. Yesterday afternoon, at the end of the public sessions, the staff started closing down the media room with alarming quickness. It was almost as if they could not wait for us to go. It hurt my feelings.

Seriously, for reasons I do not understand, no one will officially confirm that they will be electing delegates to next year's synod on the family. Seeing as some of the brethren think the synod's public image was one of confusion, and another thought the whole synod process was somehow Protestant, it will be interesting to see who is elected. I presume Archbishop Kurtz and Cardinal DiNardo, as president and vice president of the conference respectively, will be elected, but the other slots? Nobody knows. I will venture one prediction: If the bishops select Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who chairs their ad hoc committee on the promotion and defense of marriage, they will be sending a clear message that they do not support the direction Pope Francis wants to take. If they are willing to send such a message, they will have decided to throw fuel on a fire that is already in danger of burning out of control. Casual talk about schism or about the fact, a false fact, that "there are two popes," has already lit the flames. The bishops should be trying to douse those flames.

So, not much more to say this morning. We will see what we can find out as the day progresses.  

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