Elections at the USCCB

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The USCCB's elections are complete and the results are: 

Conference Secretary: Archbishop Gregory Aymond of New Orleans received 52% of the votes and Archbishop Timohty Broglio of the Military Services got 48%  votes.

Chair of the Committee on Communications, Bishop Christopher Coyne of Indianapolis took 53%  of the votes and Archbishop Joseph Naumann received 47% of the votes.

Chair, Committee on Cultural Diversity, Archbishop Garcia-Siller of San Antonio received 73% of the votes and Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima garnered 27% of the votes.

Chair, Committee on Doctrine, Archbishop Allen Vigneron took 69% of the votes and Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester received 31% of the votes.

Chair, Committee on National Collections, Archbishop Thomas Rodi of Mobile received 65% of the votes and Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento got 35% of the votes.

Chair, Pro-Life Committee, Cardinal Timothy Dolan got 55%  of the votes and Archbishop Jose Gomez garnered 45% of the votes.

Quick takeaway, the election of Bishop Coyne is significant - usually archbishops beat bishops, especially auxiliary bishops like Coyne. No surprise on the election of Cardinal Dolan as that committee has been led by a cardinal for years. It is very interesting that the election for conference Secretary was so close. Had the bishops elected Archbishop Broglio, they would have been really waving a red flag at the pope. They very narrowly declined to do that. The next time someone tells you the conference is not divided, ask them about the vote for conference secretary.  

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