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Archdiocese of St. Paul Hires Another Lawyer


According to this report in the Star-Tribune, the Archdiocese of St. Paul has hired another lawyer in their on-going investigation of allegations that Archbishop John Nienstedt behaved inappropriately to younger men. The key phrase in the report is "trying to discredit." I did not know that was part of the apostolic vocation. In Calvary cemetery, Archbishop John Ireland is turning over in his grave.  

Body Count at TNR


As of this morning, twelve contributing editors, including such intellectual powerhouses as Sean Wilentz and Enrique Krauze, and such noted journalists as Ryan Lizza and Paul Berman, have resigned from The New Republic. And, thirteen senior editors, including Jonathan Cohn, John Judis, and Isaac Chotiner, have also resigned. I am not sure I see how this hemorrhaging of talent will lead to more clicks on their website. 

RIP: The New Republic


The New Republic is dead, or at least it is now brain dead. Yesterday, editor Frank Foer and literary editor Leon Wieseltier resigned as the changes undertaken by owner and Facebook zillionaire Chris Hughes became so oppressively obnoxious, Foer and Wieseltier could no longer stay. Even as I write those words this morning, it is difficult to believe. Needless to say, this is also personal for me. Frank is a friend and Leon is a very good friend.


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