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Contra Christiansen & Aldajani, Part I


In the past year, NCR has published several articles written jointly by Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J. and Ra’fat Aldajani all of which treat the subject of relations between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The articles share a bias so extreme as to warrant the harsh designation that they are tendentious at best and inflammatory at worst.

Here is a survey from some of those articles that prove the point.

Happy 175th Birthday to The Tablet


The Tablet celebrates its 175th birthday this year. As readers know, I serve as one of their U.S.correspondents and I can say that my association with this venerable magazine has been entirely wonderful. Also strange, because I have yet to meet any of my colleagues on that side of the Atlantic. But, in our frequent emails and occasional phone conversations, I am always impressed with their intellectual rigor, their journalistic inquisitiveness and their deep, deep commitment to strong writing. So, to Catherine, Elena, Abigail, James and the rest of the Tablet Team, ad multos annos.

Finally, Sanity on Francis' Encyclical


After a barrage of articles attacking Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment, which has not yet been issued, here is a thoughtful analysis at The Jesuit Post of some of the themes we can anticipate when the letter is finally released. I think items #4 and #5 are especially important: Look for the pope to link concern for the environment with concern for the poor and, as well, to treat the issues of human and natural ecology as a whole.

Another "Prebuttal" of Pope's Encyclical on Environment


Okay. It is pretty difficult to believe that there is not an organized effort among Catholic conservatives to rebut in advance whatever Pope Francis might say in his forthcoming encyclical on the environment, what we might call a "prebuttal." I mentioned four such articles in the past two days. Here is a fifth, and probably the clumsiest, from Kishore Jayabalan, who directs the Acton Institute's Rome office.


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