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Canonists and Madmen


Yesterday I was discussing, with my favorite conservative priest friend, canon lawyer Ed Peters' latest post, in which he pours cold water on a suggestion from Milan's Cardinal Angelo Scola about potential ways of reforming the annulment process. +Scola is not enamored of the proposals from Cardinal Kasper, but he is clearly seeking a way forward, a bridge between the two sides, which is a good thing for a bishop to be doing.

Review: "The Sacred Project of American Sociology"


Christian Smith, who teaches sociology at the Univeristy of Notre Dame, has just published a new book that is sure to cause a furor. The Sacred Project of American Sociology will not only anger many sociologists in the U.S., which Smith foresees, but the books implications for the current state of much of liberal education are obvious and it will, hopefully, cause a dust-up beyond the sociology departments of the nation’s campuses.

The Wesolowki Arrest


For those who think that Pope Francis is not committed to fighting clergy sex abuse, or that the establishment of protocols for holding bishops accountable when they do not abide by their own zero tolerance policies, consider this headline from Vatican Insider: "No privileges for Bishop Wesolowski." Do you see the mistake? Wesolwoki is no longer a bishop. His clerical status has been stripped. But the headline writer did not feel comfortable identifying him as "Mr.


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