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More joint editorials? So asks Peter Wolfgang at Crisis magazine and suggests that NCR, the Register, American and Our Sunday Visitor follow up on our joint editorial last week against t he death penalty with another opposing physician assisted suicide. I have written about that issue multiple times. I do not how it would bring "balance" to the practice of issuing joint editorials as I suspect most NCR readers also oppose it. Also, why not a joint editorial against poverty? 

Physician-Assisted Suicide in Maryland


Today the Maryland House of Representatives will hold a hearing on a proposal to allow physician-assisted suicide. The proposal in Maryland is almost uniquely bad. For example, the bill does not even require a physician prescribing a lethal injection to order a psychological evaluation of the person requesting it. I do not believe there are any safeguards that would justify supporting the proposal, but without them, the possibilities of abuse should be obvious even to those who are sympathetic to physician-assisted suicide.


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