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Guttierez to Get Honorary Degree


File this one under "the times they are a changing." Gustavo Guttierez will receive an honorary degree next week from St. Paul's University in Ottawa, a pontifical university. Archbishop Prendergast will be present as chancellor and smart money guesses he checked with the authorities in Rome before deciding to award this degree. Expect conservative meltdowns to be forthcoming. 

The Midterms: Is There a Catholic Angle?


Is there a Catholic angle on next week’s midterm elections? There has not been as much focus on the role of religion in this election cycle as there has been in recent years. Still, the issues the candidates have chosen to run on is interesting and points to what might, repeat might, be a positive long-term development not just for Catholic concerns but for a diminishment of ideological extremism in both parties.

The Church & the Media


Elisabeth Dias, writing at Time magazine, correctly notes that much of the mainstream media showed an almost willful lack of knowledge about the Catholic Church's long-standing teaching on the compatibility of the scientific theory of evolution with the Christian doctrine of creation. NBC was the worst, calling Pope Francis' recent comments "a theological break from his predecessor Benedict XVI, a strong proponent of creationism." Yeesh.

Prisons and Spirituality


Derek Jeffreys, from the University of Wisconsin on Green Bay, discusses his study of solitary confinement, prisons, and spirituality in this C-Span video. This is an issue that will be very difficult to address politically, but the horrors he describes deserve attention. And, obviously, his book ties in clearly with the Holy Father's comments against life imprisonment last week.


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