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On Gratitude


Growing up, I had fleeting experiences of gratitude, all of them self-referential and tied to a strange, I think quintessentially American, or at least modern, understanding of blessings as something in the plural and something that was the result of human effort. I felt gratitude when I made it through “Schmucke Dich” in the one and only organ recital I ever gave, a not particularly complicated piece, but one in which all the notes are so exposed, and so perfectly knit together that not only a wrong note, but a missed one, would have been hideously obvious.

Latino & Anglo RCs in Climate Change


Over at Religion News Service, Mark Silk calls attention to new research from the Public Religion Research Institute that shows Latino Catholics are far more concerned about climate change than Anglo Catholics. He gives the numbers and then asks a question that should make the bishops stay up at night: "It’s as if Hispanic Catholics and white Catholics belong to different churches.

Injustice in Ferguson


Last night, District Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that a St. Louis County grand jury had declined to vote a true bill of indictment against police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The announcement was followed by episodic violence, out of all proportion to the grand jury decision: The violence was episodic. The injustices our criminal justice system perpetrates on black Americans is systemic.

Pat Archbold's Alternate Universe


Over at the National Catholic Register, Pat Archbold is very upset with the USCCB for their statement supporting President Obama's executive order on immigration. Mr. Archbold is entitled to his opinions to be sure. And the Register, which likes to claim the mantle of obedience to the hierarchy, is entitled to print it. But, all of us in the press, even those of us who write opinion columns, are bound by the basic requirement of sanity in our writing.

Tea Leaves in the Windy City


Last week, Archbishop Blase Cupich took the reins of the Archdiocese of Chicago, catapulted from the relatively small Diocese of Spokane (Catholic population of around 100,000) to the largest and most important diocese of the Midwest (Catholic population of around 2.2 million). The archbishops of Chicago also have played a significant role in the life of the Church in the entire United States and in the world. The installation of a new archbishop, therefore, has everyone scrutinizing the tea leaves to figure out what it means.

+Gomez Reacts to Obama Speech


Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez issued a strong statement applauding the President's actions on immigration but reminding everyone that the measures adopted do not go far enough. We still need comprehensive immigration reform and, now, sadly, the GOP appears unwilling to bring the issue up in the lame duck, even though they know the Senate-passed reform legislation would win on a vote tomorrow. 


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