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Income Inequality Debate Continues


I am not sure we can credit Pope Francis with the renewed national focus on income inequality. Just as the “Francis Effect” on Catholics is the result of two factors – his remarkable personality and the continued hunger of ordinary people for the Gospel – so, too, the traction of the income inequality debate comes both from some important people talking about it and from the hunger of ordinary people for a more just society.

Vox Nova & the Challenge of the RC Blogosphere


Over at Vox Nova, Morning's Minion looks at the genesis and development of that blog, and confronts a principal challenge we ace in the Catholic blogosphere, especially for those of us on the left-of-center. In objecting to the acrimony caused by the wedding of orthodox Catholicism with a crimped, Republican orthodoxy, we have had to engage in some acrimony of our own.

Gehring on Pope Francis & the "New Values Debate"


Over at Time magazine, John Gehring has a splendidly balanced essay on Pope Francis' expected trip to the U.S. and how the pope is shaping the relationship of faith to culture. Liberals do not get a pass from Gehring on abortion and conservatives do not get a pass on social justice. And, the excitement so many of us feel on account of Pope Francis breathes through every sentence. 

Catholic Conversation Project


Last week I had the good fortune to attend the fifth meeting of the Catholic Conversation Project (CCP). Begun in the wake of the kerfuffle over President Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame’s graduation in 2009, and designed to defuse the culture war mentality that so easily consumes all in its wake, the CCP has been gathering young theologians together each summer for a few days of panels, discussions, camaraderie, and prayer. They invite some experts at each session to serve on panel discussions.


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