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Links for 06/21/16


From the "Working Class Perspectives" blog, published by the Kalmanovitz Initiative at Georgetown, Mark Popovich explains why entrepreneurship is hyped as a solution to poverty when the results are much less convincing. One more economic myth to be consigned to the dustbin, but you can bet Republicans pols and free market zealots will continue to spout this nonsense as if it were Gospel. 

Links for 06/20/16


Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez of San Juan and the Rev. Heriberto Martinez of the Puerto Rican Bible Society announce they are cancelling a meeting between the Governor and bondholders that was scheduled for tomorrow. This was to have been the second such meeting; The first was held in new York at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in May. JubileeUSA has the announcement. This is not good news. Not catastrophic news, but not good.


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