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Links for 12/07/16


At UVAToday, a profile of Professor Nicole Flores, one of the bright young Catholic theologians making a name for herself. Nicole is a regular participant in the Catholic Conversation Project, an annual meeting of young theologians I am privileged to attend. It is thrilling to see someone like her making such an impression on the campus of Mr. Jefferson's University. 

Links for 11/30/16


File this in "another attempt to undermine the pope." Fr. James Schall, SJ, at Crisis, asserts right in the beginning of his piece that "Most people do think that the pope has or soon will change Catholic doctrine on abortion and many other related issues." Most people? I do not know anyone who thinks that and I know a fair number of serious RCs. Later, he writes: "Pope Francis has had a good education as befits the Jesuit priestly tradition.


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