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Links for 05/12/16


At RNS, John Gehring writes about Notre Dame's decision to award the Laetare Medal this year to Vice President Joe Biden and former Speaker of the House John Boehner. Patrick Reilly at the poorly named Cardinal Newman Society is in a tizzy about this award, but what to expect from a guy who got his start doing oppo research for Republicans on the Hill and then went on to work at Heritage. Gehring, conversely, hits all the right notes. 

Links for 05/10/16


At Politico, the results of a new Quinnipiac poll indicate that the race between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump is within the margin of error in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Of course, the GOP race is concluded and Sen. Sanders is still deluding himself that he can win the Democratic nod, which may account for some of this, but I think the prospect of a Trump win is a lot more likely than some people think. 

Links for 05/09/16


Mark DeMoss, a longtime member of the board at Liberty University, has resigned on account of Jerry Falwell, Jr's endorsement of Donald Trump. Falwell is the president of Liberty University and DeMoss worked closely with his dad, who founded the school. RNS has the story. To be clear: This is a fight within a family, and I suspect we will see more such fights as people come to grips with the fact that Trump is the nominee.

Links for 05/06/16


At Politico, Matt Latimer outlines the seven signs of the apocalypse, I mean the twelve signs that Donald Trump might win the general election in November. Latimer is right about the importance of the large Midwestern industrial states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, but he is wrong about the need for Hillary to reach out to Republicans in order to win. The last thing she needs to do is run to the center on jobs and the economy. 


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