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Remembering Paul VI


It was thirty-five years ago today when Pope Paul VI went to his heavenly reward. Papa Montini is now sandwiched between two popes who are portrayed as larger than life and who will be canonized together later this year, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. (Let us not forget Pope John Paul I who brief shining pontificate reminded us, as we are being reminded again, of how a pope can govern with humility.) I do not know if Paul VI was a saint but I do think he will go down as one of the great pope's of his time.

Gehring on Francis


At the Post's "On Faith" blog, John Gehring gives his take on Pope Francis. I quibble with his apparent distinction between "Church doctrine" and "the example of Jesus in the Gospels" as if the one did not flow from the other, but all in all, I think Gehring captures the sense of freshness about this pontificate and responds accordingly, with a hopeful, open-hearted stance. "Look, I am doing something new," we read in Isaiah. "Do you not perceive it?" Sadly, some don't.


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