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Poker in Geneva & Precedents in Syria


The actions or inactions of the United States government in the coming days and weeks regarding Syria will set a precedent both for future presidents and for the international order. Assad violated an almost universally recognized norm of civilized behavior. The decision to do nothing is a decision to do something, it is a decision to give him a pass. Like poker players at a table, the decision to raise or to check will be closely watched by the other players.


IPR Showdown Over Syria


Two of my colleagues at Catholic University's Institute for Policy Research & Catholics Studies are at loggerheads about Syria, which is as it should be at a real think tank, as opposed to the faux-think tank that is really a policy/propaganda arm of either the left or the right.

The Director of IPRCS, Steve Schneck, has an article about Pope Francis, the pope of peace, at the Washington Post's "On Faith" blog.

Boehner's Burden


The House of Representatives came back into session on Monday. It took all of three days for the fact to emerge that the chamber is ungovernable. Yesterday, Speaker John Boehner was forced to push back a vote on the federal budget because he does not have the votes to pass it.




This statement from the Administrative Committee of the USCCB, defending the work of CRS against the recent attacks launched against it by the American Life League and others is very welcome indeed. Not everyone knows to consider the source of such attacks and donations to CRS could be affected, resulting in a lessening of their ability to carry out the work of the Gospel. The money quote: "The U.S.


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