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Why Am I a Zionist? Part I


A few weeks ago, I had a brief debate with my colleague Claire Schaeffer-Duffy on the issue of divestment from Israeli companies. Rather than engage in the usual discussion about Israel and Palestine, that too often descends quickly into an endless recitation of atrocities to justify one’s position, I thought it better to take a step back and ask myself a question, and share the result with the readers of these pages. The question: Why am I a Zionist?


Panel Discussion on "Strangers No Longer"


This morning, I review the book, On "Strangers No Longer: Perspectives on the Historic U.S.-Mexican Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Migration." This coming Monday night, September 9, there will be a panel discussion with many of the book's authors at Catholic University's Przybyla Center. The event is free and open to the public and is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. A reception will follow. Bishop John Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake City and Chair of the Communications Committee of the USCCB, will begin the evening with a talk, followed by the several authors.

Kudos to Anderson Cooper


I admit that oftentimes I detest Anderson Cooper, the CNN evening star, especially when he is in full blown ambulance chasing mode. But, if you have been searching the channels the past few days to listen in on the debate about Syria, you have found a lot of foolishness, except on Anderson's show. He has had Fouad Ajami on every night and Ajami knows more about the region than almost anyone. Kudos to Cooper for keeping this sage on the airwaves.

On "Strangers No Longer": A Review


The new book “On ‘Strangers No Longer’: Perspectives on the Historic U.S.-Mexican Catholic Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Migration” is an anthology of essays, looking at that historic pastoral letter from the combined hierarchies from a variety of perspectives. It usefully is published just as the U.S. House of Representatives, among its other challenges, gets ready to figure out what to do on the pressing issue of comprehensive immigration reform.


Thanks & Kudos to Robert Christian


I want to extend publicly my profound thanks to Robert Christian for filling in for me last week and to express my kudos to him for the quality of his posts. You can continue to follow Robert's writings at the online journal Millennial, which he edits. I am happy to report that I used the time off to largely tame my backyard and that last night, we put down rugs everywhere and gave Ambrose, my St. Bernard who had surgery in May, the run of the house for the first time in four months. Both projects were blessedly uneventful.


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