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"'Sentire' con la Chiesa"


The Holy Father’s address to the International Union of Superiors General was a small masterpiece. There were many aspects of his talk that warrant attention, but this morning I would like to focus on his paragraph about the ecclesial mission of consecrated life, specifically his call to “’sentire’ con la Chiesa,” to think and feel with the Church.


Here is the Zenit translation of the relevant paragraph:

Prayers Answered


Thank you to all who offered prayers for Ambrose. The vet just called and the surgery went well. Of course, we are now looking at a three month recovery, and managing limited movement, with two other dogs in the house, will be a challenge. But, at least my baby boy is coming home. Saint Francis, pray for us and for our furry friends.

WaPo Debunks Heritage Report


The editors of the Washington Post debunk a so-called "study" by the Heritage Foundation regarding the costs of immigration reform. In a real study, at a real think tank, you try and examine all the data, not only the data that helps you whip up passions. Heritage again demonstrates that it is an advocacy organization pursuing a political agenda, not a think tank trying to ascertain the truth of the matter.


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