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Acton U?


Something called "Acton U" is going on this week, a series of seminars sponsored by the Acton Institute. Here is a listing of their scheduled offerings. I have one question and one observation. The question: Who is paying for all this? The observation: Can't attend any of it because I have to wash my hair.

Anti-Immigrant Prejudice In Search Of A Rationale


The foes of immigration reform have never had much of a moral case, at least not as we Catholics understand the moral calculi at issue: The right to be treated humanely crosses borders, and whether an immigrant has papers or does not have papers, their human rights, including he right to migrate, remains intact.  Or, as Jehovah said more pithily to Moses, “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Ex. 22:21)


Papa Francesco & Evangelium Vitae


I encourage everyone who has not done so yet to read this homily the Holy Father delivered last Sunday on "Evangelium Vitae Sunday." The tone is quite different from what we often hear from the pro-life movement here in the U.S., no? The Pope is inviting all of us to think about the Gift of Life as something very profound, and the challenge of protecting that gift as something that requires a deep commitment to the Lord, not just a legal fix.

Boehner's Conundrum


This report at Politico illustrates Speaker John Boehner's conundrum on immigration reform. Cong. Dana Rohrbacher says that if Boehner brings an immigration bill to the floor that does not have the support of a majority of House Republicans, he will lose his speakership. To be clear, there is no bill that could garner the support of a majority of Republicans in the House that would have any chance of passing the Senate.

SCOTUS & Voting


The United States Supreme Court ruled 7-2 yesterday that an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote violated the Constitutional prerogatives of the federal government, which in 1993 passed the National Voter Registration Act, allowing for a simplified registration form. In the simplified form, a would-be voter simply swears that he or she is a citizen, under penalty of perjury if the statement is false, but does not have to produce a birth certificate or passport or other proof of citizenship.



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