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The Most Beautiful Churches


A few weeks ago, in response to an article at RealClearReligion bemoaning ugly churches, I invited readers to submit the names of churches they thought were beautiful. I wish to thank all the commenters who sent in their selections. Indeed, I was especially grateful to those who called attention to churches I had never seen before but that certainly matched anyone's criterion of beauty; for example, the St. Francis de Sales Cathedral in Baker, Ore., and St.

The Verdict


The trial that has consumed the country, or at least 90% of its airwaves, is finally over. I understand why television news loves these kinds of trials: Ours is an adversarial legal system, so the drama is built-in. Call on two former prosecutors and a couple of defense attorneys for analysis – such as that is! – and you have an hour of television. I am sure it costs less than these “reality” competitions that must spend a fair amount of money creating the kind of drama a courtroom provides for free.



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