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April's Jobs' Report: Thumbs Up


The Department of Labor announced this morning that the economy added 165,000 new jobs last month. Just as important, the DOL revised the figures for February and March upward. You will recall that last month, the number of new jobs added was shockingly low, at 88,000 new jobs. The DOL now estimates that 138,000 jobs were added in March. They also revised the number for February upward to 332,000 jobs.  This is all very good news.

Who's That Guy in White with George Weigel


I have been chastising my fellow Catholics on the left for adopting a begrudging attitude towards Pope Francis, pointing out that I think it is wrong-headed to start our examination of this pontificate by creating a checklist to see if the new pope agrees with us. The process of conversion, which is at the heart of the faith, involves creating a checklist to see if we agree with the Church, right?

Abortion Euphemisms


Writing at Politico, Rich Lowry examines the euphemisms in the President's speech at Planned Parenthood and in the coverage of the trial of Dr. Gosnell. And, he calls out the NYTimes for not being willing to use the word baby in describing children who have been born and, therefore, no longer correctly called fetuses. (No word yet on whether or not Lowry heard the voice of God telling him to call out the Times.) Lowry does not use the word "Orwellian" but I will.

Did My Invite Get Lost in the Mail?


Over at CatholicCulture.org, they have the story about an upcoming conference on the sacred liturgy. "Among the speakers are Cardinals Antonio Cañizares Llovera, Walter Brandmüller, Malcolm Ranjith, and Raymond Burke; Archbishop Alexander Sample," they write. I am guessing my invitation got lost in the mail. Quick question: How many of these prelates own a cappa magna? How much did they spend on said cappas? And, the really key question: why would anyone spend that kind of money on a cappa magna?

Papa Francesco & the Acton Institute


My colleague Fr. Tom Reese, S.J. (still getting used to calling Fr. Reese a colleague but I sure like the sound of it!) has a new post up about the mind of Papa Francesco, focusing on the new pope's views about economics and capitalism.  I am wondering what our friends at the Acton institute make of this? The unbridled capitalism and globalization that they like to champion does not seem to have captured Papa Francesco's heart.

More on Immigration Reform


The USCCB can cause quite a stir when it wants to. Last year, in the struggle against the HHS mandate, there were bulletin inserts in every parish, sermons on religious liberty, the covers of Catholic magazines featured stories about the Cristeros, the whole “Fortnight for Freedom,” which turned into something of a bust but not for want of trying. The bishops went “all in” on the issue. I believe the issue of religious liberty will remain an important issue for a long time.

Papa Francesco Meets Shimon Peres


Vatican Insider reports on the meeting between Papa Francesco and Israeli President Shimon Peres. Like most of the world's Catholics, I am just beginning to get to know Papa Francesco and to admire him. Peres is a man I have long admired. Wouldn't you have loved to be a fly on the wall when these two men met? And, if you doubt the weight of history, evidently they spent a great deal of time discussing the Cenacle.


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