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Boehner's Conundrum


This report at Politico illustrates Speaker John Boehner's conundrum on immigration reform. Cong. Dana Rohrbacher says that if Boehner brings an immigration bill to the floor that does not have the support of a majority of House Republicans, he will lose his speakership. To be clear, there is no bill that could garner the support of a majority of Republicans in the House that would have any chance of passing the Senate.

SCOTUS & Voting


The United States Supreme Court ruled 7-2 yesterday that an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote violated the Constitutional prerogatives of the federal government, which in 1993 passed the National Voter Registration Act, allowing for a simplified registration form. In the simplified form, a would-be voter simply swears that he or she is a citizen, under penalty of perjury if the statement is false, but does not have to produce a birth certificate or passport or other proof of citizenship.


The CTSA Convention: An "Outsider's" View


Writing at CatholicMoralTheology.com, Jason King reflects on attending the recent Catholic Theological Society of America meeting, and feeling a tad more welcome than he feared, but still like something of an outsider. This is an interesting development within the Catholic theological world, young theologians with a profound desire to move past the labels that have characterized, and haunted, the theological community for too long.

Hackett to Holy See


The White House has announced that Ken Hackett, formerly the President of Catholic Relief Services, USA, has been nominated as the next ambassador to the Holy See. Here is his bio from the CRS website. There had been talk the State Department was thinking of not appointing a full-time ambassador and instead nominating a roving ambassador who would cover several smaller countries.

"Oversimplifying Israel"


National Interest has Peter Berkowitz's response to Jacob Heilbrunn's essay "Israel's Fraying Image." This is an important debate for anyone truly interested in peace in the Middle East: It will never come about unless we are honest about the threats to peace, the nature of the regimes involved, and the way American elite opinion has a tendency to adopt uncritical assessments without the facts.

Blessings on Jeb


Jeb Bush is busy working with Republican members of Congress, trying to persuade them to back comprehensive immigration reform. If anyone speaks for the "sanity caucus" in today's GOP, it is Jeb Bush. Blessings on his efforts to convince enough of the House Republicans, and especially the leadership, to permit an up or down vote in the Senate bill and enough GOP votes to pass the thing. Also, a shout out to Cong. Paul Ryan who has been speaking up for immigration reform too.


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