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New York state senator in the wrong on torture of accused bomber


Yesterday, I called attention to an interview on the Piers Morgan show on CNN, in which Republican State Sen. Greg Ball defended a tweet he sent out calling for the bombing suspect in Boston to be tortured. Mr. Ball, who is not in law enforcement and had no inside information on the investigation, suggested that there might be information the suspect had that could only be garnered through torture.

USCCB "All-In" on Immigration Reform


My colleague Brian Roewe had a news account yesterday afternoon of the conference call with the media led by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, President of the USCCB, Archbishop Jose Gomez, chair of the conference’s committee on migration, and Bishop John Wester, chair of the communications committee. The call addressed the USCCB’s support for comprehensive immigration reform in light of the introduction last week of a bipartisan proposal from the “Gang of 8” in the U.S. Senate.

Immigration & The Tsarnaev Brothers


Last week, after the authorities in Boston released the photos of the two suspects in the Marathon bombing case, a black friend of mine stopped by. “Thank God they are Caucasian,” he said. If you are in America and you are black, an instance of violence triggers the fear that the still-current prejudice against you and your race might get a fresh jolt of ugly enthusiasm if the perpetrator of the violence is black.



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