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More Great Stuff From the Bergoglio Archives


Check out this interview from 2007 in the journal 30Giorni. Money quote:

"The early theologians said: the soul is a kind of sailing boat, the Holy Spirit is the wind that blows in the sail, to send it on its way, the impulses and the force of the wind are the gifts of the Spirit. Without His drive, without His grace, we don’t go ahead. The Holy Spirit lets us enter the mystery of God and saves us from the danger of a gnostic Church and from the danger of a self-referential Church, leading us to the mission."

Conservative Unease


First it was Father Zuhlsdorf of the conservative blog "What Does the Prayer Really Say" who wrote: "Since the announcement of a new Pope last night, I had to clean some really harsh things out of the combox and the comment queue." Within the first twenty-four hours, the trads were "really harsh."

Over at another conservative blog, Rorate Caeli, they just don't know what to make of this so obviously transparent pope.

Pope Francis: Culture Warrior or Among the Poor?


A dear friend called yesterday and reminded me of something I had almost forgotten. “So, based on these early days,” my friend said, “I am thinking you were a bit closer to the mind of the cardinals than George Weigel.” The reference was to the essays, published in the Wall Street Journal, by Mr. Weigel and myself, among others, in which we were asked to complete the sentence: “The new pope should be….” Mr. Weigel wrote that the new pope should be a culture warrior.

Gene Robinson Owes Francis An Apology


In this morning's Washington Post, Eugene Robinson discusses Pope Francis' involvement with the Argentine junta, the crimes of which were legion. Robinson quotes a human rights activist  to the effect that then-Father Bergoglio did not rise to the occasion and confront the junta. He cites another book that makes a similar claim. Robinson finishes by asking Francis to atone.

First Impressions of Francis


The speculation in advance of the conclave betrayed a myopia that sometimes afflicts journalists, myself included. From the brief and fragmentary comments that came from the cardinals during their pre-conclave meetings, we all deduced that the cardinals were looking for a strong manager to reform the curia, and that they wanted someone who could carry on the New Evangelization with vigor and attractiveness, and that they wanted someone younger, and that…..We forgot the most important thing. They wanted a man of God.



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