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Wittes Eviscerates Rand Paul


Over at LawFare, Benjamin Wittes explains why Senator Rand Paul's filibuster on the issue of drone strikes was nothing more than a publicity stunt. I agree with Wittes. What is more, I expect this kind of paranoid foolishness from the likes of Sen. Paul. But I was appalled by, and call down shame upon, those lefty commentators that applauded his antics. Really people? One does not advance a serious issue by discussing it in unserious ways.   



The Wall Street Journal asked a group of Catholics to answer the question: "The next pope should be....?" I was happy to be included in the group and answered that the new pope should be among the poor. I was frankly shocked at the coarseness of George Weigel's reply that the new pope should be a culture warrior, specifically one devoted to shoring up modern democracy. Huh? The papacy is, last time I checked, not a constitutional office.

A Man Had Two Sons


Laetare. The word even sounds like what it signifies. In the midst of Lent with all its somberness, its awareness of the power of sin, its call to conversion which is never an easy call, we hear this word and it awakens in us the sense that the darkness will pass. Laetare Sunday is like the light a half hour before sunrise, starting to push back the darkness, but not yet.


Wieseltier Tackles the "Darwinist Mob"


No one has done a better job exposing the hubris of scientism, as opposed to science, than Leon Wieseltier. So, it is unsurprising that he has decided to take on the "Darwinist mob" that has attacked a new book by Thomas Nagle. I do not share Wieseltier's sentiments about heresy, but his phrase "the soulfulness of reason" is more than compensation.

You can find his essay here.

Lott is Wrong


Jeremy Lott is the influential editor of RealClearReligion, and he has penned an essay expressing his ardent desire that the next pope not be an American. His argument is hard to discern, but the essence of it is that the Church in the U.S. is in shambles, the American cardinals preside over the U.S. Church, ergo, a U.S.-born pope would be bad for the universal Church.


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