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The Colorado Hospital Case


At first blush, this story about a Colorado Hospital arguing that a fetus is not a person, in a court suit for wrongful death in the case of two unborn children who died with their mother, seems like the rankest of hypocrisies, or, to put a kinder face on it, another instance of Church leaders granting too much authority to their lawyers.  And, the bishops of Colorado are looking into the matter.

Rigging Elections


I noted at the beginning of the year that one of the principal difficulties President Barack Obama and the Democrats will face in the coming years is a difficulty of their own making. The inability of Democrats to prepare for, use their get-out-the-vote machine, and defend the policies they had enacted in advance of the 2010 midterm elections not only cost them control of the House of Representatives, but more importantly, ceded control of state legislatures and governorships in several key states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Roe, Libertarianism, Moralism: Bring Back the Seamless Garment


“When human life is considered ‘cheap’ or easily expendable in one area, eventually nothing is held as sacred and all lives are in jeopardy.” Cardinal Joseph Bernardin spoke those words in the early 1980s as he expounded what he termed a “consistent ethic of life” and what many of us came to know as the “seamless garment” approach to life issues, the idea that the Church should not focus exclusively on abortion, but see that issue in the context of a culture that had begun to cheapen life and, thus, made abortion thinkable.


Fr; Crossin: Steps To Christian Unity


Over at the USCCB blog, Father John Crossin, executive director of the USCCB Secretariat on ecumenical and interreligious affairs, notes seven markers on the road to Christian unity. It is stunning to think how far we have come in what is, in Church terms, such a relatively short period of time! Indeed, we saw visual evidence of this just yesterday as Cardinal Donald Wuerl, in choir cassock, prayed one of the readings at the interfaith prayer service for the inauguration.


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