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Haunting, Modern Bach


In a conversation with a friend this morning, he observed that a person could wrap their head around Bach, but with the Romantics, one wraps the heart around the music. There is, of course, much truth in my friend's comment although readers should be warned that Wagner is good for five minutes, but if you listen to him for five hours, you might be seized with the desire to invade Poland. That said, there are some works by Bach that I believe do tug on the heart strings. Here is one, the chorale prelude O Mensch bewein.

Maryland Catholic Conference & Death Penalty


The Maryland Catholic Conference sent out one of its "Issue Alerts" yesterday to all Catholics in the Archdioceses of Baltimore and Maryland who subscribe to their email list-serve, urging them to contact their state legislators on behalf of Governor Martin O'Malley's proposal to ban the death penalty in Maryland. Here is a link to the webpage at the MCC.  Fighting the death penalty does not, of course, exhaust the pro-life cause, it does not ennervate it.

Medicare & The Society We Want


Medicare will cost approximately $500 billion this year. In 1980, which was not that long ago, Medicare cost $37.4 billion. This increase is the single largest reason the government’s long term fiscal picture is clouded and it must be addressed. So, as the Congress and the President begin to negotiate their way through the budgetary issues that face the country in the next few weeks, it is good to set out some first principles.



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