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Good News from California


California voters approved a ballot measure that raises their own taxes in order to invest in education. Why is this good news? Americans like more government than they are willing to pay for. Most Americans say that they think government is too big, but when you start mentioning programs that can be cut, they insist that such programs are essential and the cuts should be made elsewhere. Gov.

Catholic League Grumbling


The results on Tuesday caused many conservatives' heads to explode. After all, everyone they spoke to was voting against Obama. After all, Fox News demonstrated that the polls were all rigged in an elaborate effort to help Obama. After all, Obama was a European-loving, Muslim-loving, probably secretly a Muslim himself, except that he was a socialist too, and he wasn't even born here, and he believed all that nonsense about climate change, and well.....

Benedict XVI & the Environment


Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath is still a harsh reality for many tens of thousands of people whose homes were destroyed, or whose ability to access public transportation has been compromised, or who still have no electricity in their homes. Rising sea levels make all bad storms more destructive than they otherwise would be, and it is well past impossible to deny that the incidents of extreme weather are becoming more common. Sadly, it is not at all clear that the nation’s political landscape will permit the kind of steps needed to address this issue.

What Now? Bishops' Edition


As the results of Tuesday’s elections sink in, and bishops’ secretaries double check the flight reservations for their bosses headed to Baltimore for the annual plenary meeting next Monday, the bishops themselves must survey the political landscape and ask themselves how they can best manage the always tricky fault lines between politics and religion in American culture.

Nate Silver - 1; Karl Rove - 0


It has been fun listening to the talking heads at Fox complain about the polls the last few weeks, and especially about the New York Times' Nate Silver who analyzes the polls brutally to put them through the sniff test. The refrain, repeated again and again, was that the 2012 electorate was not going to look like the 2008 electorate. Guess what? It looked exactly like it and the keys to Obama's victory are all demographic keys.


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