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Same-Sex Marriage & The Courts


Jonathan Rauch was the very first intellectual who ever made the case to me that same-sex marriage was not only an important cause, but an essentially conservative cause. I was unpersuaded then and remain more or less unpersuaded now. But, the fact that Rauch was pushing for same-sex marriage more than ten years ago when the idea was barely a ripple in the cultural consciousness of the nation, lends him an authority on the issue that few can claim. So, we should listen when he urges the Supreme Court not to intercede on the issue but let the political process play itself out.

The Killings in Newtown


In the first pages of Scripture, we learn about man’s capacity for evil. We learn about recrimination and judgment. We learn about our persistent fallen nature and the way sin spreads from generation to generation. Most of all, however, we learn that there is something mysterious about sin. Not mysterious in the sense that the forensic technicians who have been sorting through the human wreckage at Sandy Hook Elementary School should stop their work. They will trace the trajectories of the bullets, identify the dead, analyze the entire scenario.

Crazy Cuccinelli


The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, is representative of a new brand of Catholic ideologue who is deeply hostile to government and, just so, seems to be decidedly clueless about history. Check out this speech he gave to the Christian Life Summit in which he blasts the Catholic Church and its bishops because "They’ve helped create a culture of dependency on government, not God.


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