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Links for 05/25/17


I like to check out Father Z's blog. Sometimes he has something nutty about vestments, sometimes a link to beautiful music, often a funny rant about something he does not like in the Church. But, every once in awhile he posts something that is deeply disturbing. This latest post on Islam and the attack in Manchester is one such item. The hatefulness is so appalling. It is time for someone in authority to consider some ecclesiastical sanctions. 

Links for 05/22/17


In the Wall Street Journal, Peter Berkowitz looks at the circumstances that led to the resignation of Paul Griffiths from the Duke Divinity faculty. There are such things as liberal fascists who practice political correctness to a degree that warrants censure or mockery or both. That they got away with it at Duke, is shocking. What self-respecting university lets its leading scholars be driven away because he hurt someone's feelings!!


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