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Links for 07/21/16


At Minnesota Public Radio, a report on efforts by Archbishop John Nienstedt, then the archbishop of St. Paul, and Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, then the nuncio, to frustrate an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct made against +Nienstedt. The most disturbing allegation, one long rumored but one I could not confirm until now, is that +Vigano ordered church officials to destroy documents. I would remind readers that destroying documents in the midst of an investigation is probably illegal.

Review: "American Jesuits and the World" Part 2


Yesterday, I began my review of John McGreevy's American Jesuits and the World: How an Embattled Religious Order Made Modern Catholicism Global. I looked at the first two historical accounts with which McGreevy sketches his narrative, noting how these touched on issues of nationalism and Nativism, patriotism and education, religious liberty and religious submission, issues that are still with us and always will be.

Review: "American Jesuits and the World"


John McGreevy has joined the global history parade with a book on a topic that is long overdue: American Jesuits and the World: How an Embattled Religious Order Made Modern Catholicism Global. This is a very enjoyable book to read as McGreevy paints five historical sketches of nineteenth century Jesuits, about whom too little is known and whose lives were fascinating, conflicted and important.

Links for 07/15/16


As if Puerto Rico did not have enough problems, the Environmental Protection Agency is failing to enforce its own orders to close landfills with toxic waste that threatens residential drinking water and worse. If Hillary Clinton is looking to do something on the environmental front, that also has innate appeal to Latino voters, she should promise to make Puerto Rico the poster child for renewable energy.

Links for 07/14/16


How bad are things in Puerto Rico? AP reports that two cancer clinics had their power cut off because they could not pay the electric bill. We are waiting for the control board to be appointed and one of their first tasks, surely, will be to begin revamping PREPA, the island's publicly held utility which has so far been resistant to developing sustainable energy.


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