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Spiritual remediation for a summer of discord


I was preaching in June after the Orlando event about the new normal and how we are all beginners. I was going to speak about summer beach reading and instead I was (again) talking about public violence. As I arrived at my main point -- life is going to be a lot about interruption for a while to come -- that’s when someone’s cell phone went off, unprogrammed. It gave us the good laugh we needed. 

Baton Rouge Hispanic Apostolate concerned by city's actions after flood


Officials of the Baton Rouge diocese’s Hispanic Apostolate expressed concern about encounters with the Mayor's Office of Homeland Security via email and a personal visit in the days following August's historic flooding.

Julia Scarnato, who recently joined the apostolate staff, and Fr. Eliecer Montanez-Grimaldos, chaplain, questioned if the government agency may have been using the office as an unwilling conduit to track down and arrest immigrants living in the country illegally.


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