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From Kathy Kelly in Kabul: See how we live


A reality check via Kabul

By Kathy Kelly

December 8, 2016

Here in Kabul, I'm generally an early riser at the home of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, but I'm seldom alone. Facing exams, my young friends awaken early and then stay up late to study. Before sunrise this morning, eighteen year old Ghulamai sits in the kitchen, poring over his textbook. His efforts have made him number one in his class for the past three school terms. Now in the eleventh grade, he greatly hopes to continue his education, but his situation is precarious.

Ben Carson as Home Maker


Millions of hard-pressed Americans are in desperate need of housing. Ben Carson is now Trump's point man for their needs. On the face of it, this doesn't bode well for the un-housed and ill-housed. It isn't that he hasn't witnessed the wretched effects of crowded, dangerous or absent housing, though he didn't live in public projects as some outlets erroneous reported. He's no doubt aware. The stumbling block is that he hasn't shown that he believes in the cause.


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