Budget debate leaves out the least among us

by Mario T. García

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It is morally unacceptable that the Republican dominated House of Representatives is proposing $60 billion dollars in cuts to next year’s federal budget while a couple of months ago it continued the huge tax cuts for the very rich (regrettably supported by President Obama and the Democrats).

Deficit reduction cannot and should not be on the backs of the poor and middle class.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the House proposal would in California, as an example, significantly reduce funds for job training at the very moment we need to provide jobs.

It would cut Meals on Wheels, cut Pell Grants for needy college students, cut funding for k-12 schools, cut federal funds for transportation losing jobs -- along with major reductions in many other areas.

Where is the conscience of the Republicans that they seem to only want to help the rich and let the poor and struggling middle classes fend for themselves?

They respond that dealing with the deficit is the way to help the poor and the middle class. But then why did they allow the tax breaks for the very rich to be renewed since that only adds significantly to the deficit?

If tax breaks for the rich creates jobs then where were these jobs during the Bush administration when those tax cuts were enacted? Instead very few jobs were created.

Morality has to play a role in these debates about the budget. People have to live up to their Judeo/Christian values of helping the least amongst us. What did Jesus say about feeing those who were hungry?

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