Chaput's Philly debut

by Dennis Coday

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Here's video of Archbishop Chaput's debut news conference in Philadelphia.

He begins with some very kind, heartfelt comments about leaving the people of Denver.

Higlights: "I do not know why the Holy Father sent me here. But I do trust his heart and I do belive in his judgement."

"I promise that no bishop will love the people and the priests of this local church more than I will. ... No bishop will try harder to help persons who have been hurt by the sins of the past or work harder to strengthen and encourage our priests and renew the hearts of our people."

Video: Philadelphia's Next Archbishop Introduced, Takes Questions:

This clip is the question and answer period. More highlights.

What can be done to raise the morale of the priests and the people [of Philadelphia archdiocese]?
"No bishop will solve any problems on his own. ... This is not my problem. It is our problem. It is our issue. We will find a way through it, because we truly believe that the church is body of Christ and we are members of that body equally and we have the confident care of the Holy Spirit."

There are many issues facing the Catholics of Philadelphia. Why are you not intimidated by this?
I am really not intimidated by it. I do have some "fear and trembling." When you get married you have "fear and trembling" even if you love the person you are marrying because it is a new adventure. Being a bishop is like being married to the church so it is a new adventure. ... I want to do this together. ... So why would I be afraid? I've got God on our side and I have you on our side and we can go forward as brothers and sisters on this issue. There is no reason to be afraid for any of us."

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