Corporal Works of Mercy: Bury the Dead

Van Thanh Nguyen touches the burial vault of her daughter, Tin Nguyen, during her Dec. 12 burial at Good Shepherd Cemetery in Huntington Beach, Calif. (CNS/Patrick T. Fallon, Reuters)
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Time, time, time was what was needed by my body to understand, to grieve, and finally, to move on.

But of course, our civilized culture would not accommodate this time. We no longer lay out our dead on our dining tables in our parlors. We don't wash them ourselves. Don't dress them ourselves. Don't have time to sit and talk with them in the wee hours, to curse them for leaving us, to cry, and laugh, and howl.

Bodies of our beloved dead are whisked away, to be readied for burial or cremation by discrete professionals in some sterile place. This is meant to make it easier on us, I suppose.

That night, I fully knew and appreciated that for my body, for the animal being that I am in this life, on this earth, this practice makes death harder.

Amy Morris-Young

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We hope this series has helped you reflect on the actions we are called to during this Jubilee Year of Mercy, and throughout our lives as Catholics.


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