Dolan's first year

From The New York Times:

Since his solemn inauguration ceremony one year ago Thursday, Archbishop Dolan, 60, has made no secret of his love for food and “brew” (his word). And he seems to have surrendered unconditionally to the gastronomic temptations of his freshman-year tour — from the elegant banquet tables of Manhattan to the homemade spreads laid out on folding tables by the food committees of his upstate parishes. (And he has vowed to visit each of his 405 parishes in due time.)

When the pounds began to show, he turned them into a laugh line. Patting his midsection, he told audiences, “New York has grown on me.” And when the calorie-counting Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg scolded him — bluntly advising him to lose weight because “we’d like to keep you around for a while,” in Archbishop Dolan’s telling — the prelate burst into laughter and hugged him.

“Call me Timothy,” he said.

But Archbishop Dolan has some less palatable duties ahead of him. The recession has worsened a chronic budget squeeze in the archdiocese, increased demand for its frayed web of social service programs and added urgency to a long-planned realignment of resources.

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The parishes and schools of the archdiocese needed an added $30 million infusion from headquarters in fiscal 2009 to meet expenses, officials said.

Whatever else it does, the good will he sows now among the archdiocese’s 2.5 million Catholics will help stem resentments when some of those places are closed, said Msgr. Thomas J. Bergin, a former vicar of archdiocesan education. “People have warmed to him,” he said. “He will need that.”

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